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For Community Enrichment


Speaking Engagements


Midwest ​CannaNursesTM​ are eager to speak at your next event. MCN is a network of registered nurses who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple areas in the healthcare industry in addition to all things cannabis. As exciting as cannabis is for us, we fully understand the negative stigma that is attached to the plant for some individuals. As trusted healthcare professionals, we are prepared to dispel common myths and misconceptions about marijuana. 


Cannabis can be a difficult subject to discuss with colleagues. Let us remove the stress of starting the conversation. Midwest CannaNurses™ provides a refreshed and inviting space to speak freely about cannabis without judgement in a variety of professional settings which include but are not limited to:


  • Health Conferences 

  • Corporate Seminars

  • Community Events


Community Education Seminars


The staff at MCN are fully aware that learning about cannabis can be pretty time-consuming but equally rewarding. If you’re considering diving into cannabis but have a busy schedule and do not know where to begin, let Midwest CannaNurses™ do the research for you! MCN offers a variety of classes and workshops, both virtual and in-person for individuals and groups such as Hospitals, Clinics, Community Organizations, Substance Abuse Organizations, Youth Organizations, Religious Institutions. Some of our most popular cannabis topics are as follows:



  • Cannabis 101

  • Cannabis Dos & Don'ts

  • Cannabis Routes of Administration: How to decide which is best for you

  • How to obtain a medical marijuana card

  • Cannabis and Novice Consumers

  • Cannabis for Seniors

  • The Endocannabinoid System

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