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For Canna Businesses and State License Holders


The career opportunities of the cannabis industry are vast for medical and recreational businesses alike and Midwest CannaNursesTM recognizes the knowledge gap that exists in this space in regard to cannabis and health. As trends of legalization and advocacy are making cannabis use a more prevalent medical alternative for patients across the world, MCN strives to educate and provide training to those who will have contact with cannabis or cannabis consumers on safe consumption and effects of use. MCN will gladly offer personalized workshops and/or seminars for your staff with occupation specific information for roles and businesses including but not limited to:


  • Local and State Rules and Regulatory Laws

  • Qualifying Conditions 

  • Social Equity Considerations/Community Education

  • Overview of the Endocannabinoid System

  • Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and Informed Product Selection 

  • Customer Service with a Holistic Approach to Cannabis Use

  • HIPAA regulations in the medical Cannabis Space 

  • Special Population Education (Seniors, Veterans, Urban PTSD, Minors)



Midwest ​CannaNursesTM​ are here to help you navigate through current medical research and trends, compliance, and regulation of cannabis in Michigan and surrounding states. The team at MCN continuously seeks out new information as it becomes available to ensure that you stay compliant and adhere to current cannabis regulations as it relates to your professional role and space. Midwest CannaNurses™ can assist your healthcare agency with:


  • Creating cannabis-focused policies and procedures to enhance staff education

  • Provide specialized training for the care of cannabis patients in accordance to profession specific associations/guidelines

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